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Dr Antonio Melro

Dr Antonio Melro

Dr Antonio Melro

Research Fellow

Area of research

Through-thickness reinforcement of composite materials

Queen's Building,
University Walk, Clifton BS8 1TR
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My role aims at developing design tools capable of capturing the structural behaviour of through-thickness pinned composite structures under static and dynamic loading conditions. 

I am also interested in the development of micromechanical numerical analysis capable to predict the initiation and propagation of the different failure mechanisms in composite materials. The understading of how such mechanisms evolve can lead to the development of more efficient damage control and/or prevention techniques, allowing for an even more efficient appplication of composites by industry with consequent reduction in weight and costs.


Graduated in 2004 in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Porto, Portugal. My final year project was the structural design, analysis and building of a micro-satellite for the European Space Agency. SSETI Express was successfully launched in October 2005. Since 2005 I have been working with composite materials, initially in the development of design tools for failure prediction and joint analysis. I have completed my PhD in 2011 by developing an analysis framework at the micromechanical level for composite materials which helps understand and quantify the failure processes in these materials.

After my PhD I was involved in a number of research projects in the aeronautics and space sectors, both as a researcher and as a project manager, and in collaboration with industry (Embraer, ESA, etc). In this period I was frequently an invited lecturer of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics at the University of Porto.

In 2015 I moved to Bristol to work on the numerical modelling of through thickness reinforcements, where we are developing tools for the large-scale analysis of pinned composite panels in order to mitigate the effects of delamination and consequent failure.


Finite Element Analysis Lab Sessions for Structures and Materials 3


  • Numerical Modeling
  • Design Tools
  • Through-thickness reinforcement of composite structures



Department of Aerospace Engineering

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