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Publication - Dr Alberto Gambaruto

    Three-Dimensional Simulations of Idealised Lymphangion


    Gambaruto, A & van Loon, R, 2018, ‘Three-Dimensional Simulations of Idealised Lymphangion’. in: BioMedEng18 Proceedings: The UK’s largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers Medical Engineers and Bioengineers - 6-7 September 2018, Imperial College London. BioMedEng, London, pp. 386


    The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting fluid leaked from blood vessels, returning it to the blood system to maintain overall fluid balance. Lymphatic vessels also fulfill important immune functions by transporting leukocytes and antigens. The functional units of collecting lymphatic vessels are called the lymphangions. Some experimental and computational studies exist, however much still needs learnt about the transport mechanisms.

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