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Publication - Dr Adam Crewe

    Economic MEMS based 3-axis water proof accelerometer for dynamic geo-engineering applications


    Bhattacharya, S, Murali, K, Lombardi, D, Crewe, A & Alexander, N, 2012, ‘Economic MEMS based 3-axis water proof accelerometer for dynamic geo-engineering applications’. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, vol 36., pp. 111 - 118


    Accelerometers are one of the most used sensors for monitoring dynamically sensitive systems either in field or in laboratory scale experiments. One of the key requirements in dynamic geo-engineering application is that these sensors should be water proof or water insensitive. Traditional accelerometers used in practice are based on piezoelectric/piezoresistive technology and are generally water sensitive. They are also one-axis (can measure one dimensional acceleration), big in size and expensive (typical minimum price is 300 USD/axis). These accelerometers are adapted in dynamic geo-engineering applications dealing with saturated soils by sealing the junction of the cables and the accelerometer by appropriate sealants. In this paper, the development of an inexpensive (circa 10 USD/axis), light weight, three-axis (can measure three dimensional accelerations) Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based accelerometers and their application to geo-engineering problems is presented. The sensor is based on ADXL 335 chip and can be made water proof. Performance of 3-axis MEMS accelerometer is presented along with the methodology to make it water proof.

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