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Dr Hind Saidani-Scott


I graduated with a Master degree in physics from Algeria,  specialising in fluid mechanics.

I then joined an engineering School in Poitiers- France called ENSMA ( Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et d Aerotechnique, for a 1 year Master in thermodynamics and a PhD in free and forced convection, with application to smoke propagation after a fire.

After 3 years of teaching physics, I moved to the Environmental Engineering studies Unit ( EESU) at Bristol University for research on porous media characteristics with application to Building materials. I received a PhD for my work, entitled ' Heat and Mass transfer in porous media: application to Building materials'.  It is there that I developed a love for the study of novel materials and their application for everyday usage.

Over the last 25 years, as a lecturer at Bristol University, I  focused on adsorption refrigeration, historical and listed  building conservation and restoration due to humidity and water ingress, building materials characteristics with a particular emphasis on wood, Novel materials characteristic and usage for energy saving.., 

In the last few years, I found a new interest in the study of Phase Change materials and their usage for various HVAC application and cooling of solar panels for efficiency increase.