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Publication - Professor David Bull

    A multi-metric approach for block-level video quality assessment


    Papadopoulos, MA, Katsenou, A, Agrafiotis, D & Bull, D, 2019, ‘A multi-metric approach for block-level video quality assessment’. Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol 78., pp. 152-158


    Developing an objective video quality metric that accurately estimates perceived video quality is challenging. Developing a metric that can additionally be embedded in the rate distortion optimisation process of a video codec can be even harder given that decisions have to be made locally. In this paper, we present a method for combining a number of existing state of the art objective video quality metrics at the coding block level by employing a fusion of local content features for deciding how to best utilise the chosen metrics. Our results indicate promising performance in terms of the correlation of the developed locally-acting quality metric with the overall perceived quality of the video.

    Full details in the University publications repository