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Ms Caroline Bird


Since 2012, Caroline has been working on a semi-freelance, part-time basis as a researcher in various schools and faculties across the University of Bristol, building a portfolio of experience and knowledge based on core social sciences expertise. Her work is interdisciplinary, collaborative and outward facing; working with social enterprises, community groups and local government within and beyond the city of Bristol to explore different facets of urban sustainability.

From 2009-2012, she worked as a Research Fellow in the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments at the University of the West of England, bringing together academics and practitioners in planning and public health to understand and develop healthy, sustainable cities in the UK and Europe through research, consultancy and training.

After completing an MSc in Integrated Environmental Studies at the University of Southampton in 1999, Caroline worked for Hampshire County Council managing multi-partner environmental research and action projects which helped to inform the strategic planning process and county council and regional policy. Issues explored through internal and external (local and EU) collaborations included climate change, renewable energy, carbon management, water resources and management of the natural environment.

Initially trained as a Civil Engineer, she worked on a range of major and local construction projects including port developments on the South coast, major road constructions and upgrades and town centre improvements - managing the construction process and carrying out temporary works design, project planning and risk assessments.