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Dr Vaia Kalokidou

Interference Management Techniques for 5G Networks

Vaia has worked on EU and UK projects, such as 5G-XHaul, 5G-PICTURE and MANTRA.

Her research focuses on 5G networks. She has performed research on interference management techniques for 5G networks (Interference Alignment, Blind Interference Alignment, Topological Interferene Management, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access), and physical layer security during her PhD.

For the past few years, she has been working on performance evaluation for vehicular communication networks, especially for a railway environment. She is focusing on mm-Wave technology for access/backhaul/fronthaul of 5G networks, specialising on beamforming techniques and signal processing. Furthermore, her research involves Massive MIMO systems and architectures for 5G systems.

She has also performed several field trial tests on iinvestigating achievable throughput and channel propagation, in mmWave frequencies, in both fixed and mobile networks.


Research keywords

  • Wireless Networks - MIMO systems - Interference Alignment - Blind Interference Alignment - Non Orthogonal Multiple Access - mm-Wave - Beamforming - vehicular communications