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Publication - Professor Mark Thompson

    Observation of nonlinear interference on a silicon photonic chip


    Ono, T, Sinclair, G, Bonneau, D, Thompson, M, Matthews, J & Rarity, J, 2019, ‘Observation of nonlinear interference on a silicon photonic chip’. Optics Letters, vol 44., pp. 1277-1280


    Photonic integrated circuits represent a promising platform for applying quantum information science to areas such as quantum computation, quantum communication, and quantum metrology. While the linear optical approach has greatly contributed to this field, it is often possible to improve the functionality and scalability by making use of nonlinear processes. One interesting phenomenon is the interference between two nonlinear optical processes, where the interference occurs by removing the information as to which of two processes have occurred. In this Letter, we demonstrate a nonlinear interferometer in the pair-photon generation regime by using spontaneous four-wave mixing in an integrated silicon photonic chip. We observe a nonlinear interference in the production rate of photon pairs generated from two different four-wave mixing waveguides. We obtain an interference visibility of 96.8%. This work shows the possibility of integrating and controlling nonlinear-optical interference components for silicon quantum photonics.

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