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Ms Trang Tran

Ms Trang Tran

Ms Trang Tran

Assistant Teacher

Area of research

Student well-being and socio-cultural adaptation

Helen Wodehouse Building,
35 Berkeley Square, Clifton BS8 1JA
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ecologies and agency, adult development, psychological wellbeing, cross-cultural transition, socio-cultural adaptation, international student experience, postgraduate student experience, doctoral student experience




I have a strong research interest in student experience, specifically their development and psychological wellbeing, as well as their enactment of agency to negotiate with contextual structures.

My MEd research project looked at ESL students' experience studying in the UK, and my MSc thesis explored the impacts that cultural differences have on psychoanalytic treatment.

Since then I have worked on different projects with the University of Bristol Student Union on student experience, such as students' feedback on the Extenuating Circumstances Procedures; Home BME students' experience and satisfaction; and a research project involving the NSS scores on assessment and feedback, and students' use of feedback and feedforward.

PhD research

PhD agency during transition:

Psychological wellbeing and socio-cultural adaptation
of international PhD students over time

International PhD students go through many processes of transition, namely academic integration (Barrie 2007; Russell et al. 2010), social integration (Ward et al. 2004; Zhou et al., 2008), and transitioning between student – professional roles (Laudel & Gläser, 2008). Utilising a longitudinal mixed methods approach, my research focuses on international PhD students’ experience in the UK, specifically their psychological wellbeing (PWB) and their enactment of agency to socio-culturally adapt (SCA) to the new ecologies.


To understand the interactions between ecologies and agency, Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory (EST) (Bronfenbrenner, 1979) is applied. To conceptualise their SCA and PWB, Socio-Cultural Adaptation theory (Searle & Ward, 1990; Ward & Kennedy, 1996) and Ryff’s (1989) PWB model are used to guide data collection and analysis.


Research centre:
Centre for Psychological Approaches for Studying Education (PASE)



Teaching assistant

Undergraduate level:

  • EDUC10001 Researching Educational Questions
  • EDUC10004 Debates in Psychology of Education
  • EDUC10005 Introduction to Psychology in Education
  • EDUC10007 Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology in Education
  • EDUC20005 Biological Psychology and Developmental Differences
  • EDUC20007 Developmental and Educational Psychology

Master level:

  • EDUCM5504 Statistics in Education
  • EDUCM5507 Multivariate Statistical Methods/Advanced Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
  • EDUCM0080 Social and Socio-cultural Psychology
  • EDUCM5410 The Psychology of Individual Differences
  • EDUCM5000 Introduction to Educational Inquiry (IEI)
  • EDUCM0042 Cognition and Learning




School of Education

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