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Professor Sally Thomas


Professor Thomas currently teaches 2 courses:



Contributions to the following MEd courses:

School Effectiveness and Improvement

Managing Educational Change

Methods of Statistical Analysis

Advanced Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (course tutor)

Research Students

PhD Completed

  • 2010 Kai Ren - Title: Underachievement and learning power
  • 2006 Jenifer Moody - Title:  A question of gender: an investigation into the relationship between the gender of question writers and student achievement.
  • 2001 Thanasis Verdis - Title: The effectiveness of upper secondary schools in Athens.

EdD Completed

  • 2010 Bill Egginton Title: Evaluation of project management training in Defence Services
  • 2009 Hilary Hayward - Title: Is gender important in the issue of underachieving school leavers?
  • 2003 Aziz Md Nor - Title: An investigation into headship training for aspiring primary school teachers in Malaysia.

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Yianna Schiza  (topic: School effectiveness and progress of ethnic minority students in Cyprus)
  • Massoud Salim (topic: School effectiveness and school self evaluation in Zanzibar)
  • Bernardita Munoz Chereab (topic: Value added measures of school performance in Chile)
  • WR Wan Ali (topic: Parental involvement in schooling)
  • Pippa Griew (topic: The school effect on children’s school time physical activity)

Current Ed.D. Students

  • Kathleen Huxley (topic: progress of gifted and talented students)
  • Louise Garland (topic: evaluating school leaders and other stakeholders’ views on educational needs ethnic minority students)
  • Unyarat Sukhamongkon (topic: school effectiveness and school quality indicators in Thailand)
  • Robert Legg (topic: childrens’ participation in singing in school and other contexts)

MEd Completed

  • 2009 Yuan Gao – Title: A survey of school practitioners perceptions of school effectiveness and evalauation in one selected secondary school in china.
  • 2009 Au Yeung Yick Fung Bernard – Title: An investigation of students learning outcomes through their participation in a community services Programme in a Hong Kong Aided Secondary School.
  • 2009 Bai Xuhong – Title: The growth of education provision across boarders
  • 2008Max Moder - Title: Educational Quality in Chile and England.
  • 2007 Liu Na - Title: Evaluating English Teaching Quality in China.
  • 2007 Jiang Na - Title: Financing higher education: an analysis of marketisation reform in financing higher education in mainland China.
  • 2006 Li Wang - Title: Teaching Competitions and the impact on Teachers Professional Development.
  • 2005 Yasmin White - Title: The potential of school self-evaluation to promote improvement effectiveness at the secondary school in Montserrat.
  • 2003 C. Cayler - Title: Exploring Examination procedures.