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Professor Sally Thomas


Sally Thomas is Professor in education at the Graduate School and she has conducted and led academic research studies for over twenty years.  Previously she was an Associate Director and founding member of the International School Effectiveness and Improvement Centre at the London Institute of Education, and has also worked at University of Oxford and the London School of Economics.

Her main publications are on different aspects of educational quality, which have examined a variety of factors, indicators and processes related to school and institutional effectiveness and improvement (both in UK and abroad).  In particular she has carried out extensive research studies on ‘value added’ measures of school effectiveness and the application of these measures for different, or overlapping, purposes including: school improvement, school evaluation and self-evaluation, international quality indicators and academic knowledge-base research.  In terms of future directions she is interested in exploring further the processes of schooling and learning as well as a range of educational outcomes including pupil, parent and teacher attitudes, academic and vocational measures, citizenship, formal and informal learning and behaviour.

Recent publications include a co-authored book ‘Educational Evaluation And Monitoring; A Systemic Approach’ published by SWETS (2003).