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Learning environment for multilevel methodology and applications (LEMMA 1)

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LEMMA is a node on the National Centre for Research Methods that undertakes quantitative analysis of research questions that need a multilevel approach. Such problems are very common with individuals at level 1 nested within households at level 2 and neighbourhoods at level 3. Previously, much research has only been able to work at a single level and this has led to poor and inappropriate analysis.

The overall project has three elements:

  • Further developments of multilevel models to handle realistic complexity and the implementation of these developments in computer software;
  • A set of integrated flagship projects using this methodology to research important social science questions;
  • Extensive capacity building and research training in the analysis of data with complex structure, both in a face-to-face format and via the web.

Most importantly a multilevel modelling virtual learning environment will be established which is designed to initiate, develop, and support geographically-dispersed researchers who have a variety of needs using `models of learning? that have been found to be effective for a virtual environment. The resultant training archive will become the world's leading repository on the analysis of social-science data with complex structure

Project dates
01 Apr 2005 - 30 Sep 2008

For further information, see the project's website:

Project director(s):
Professor Jon Rasbash
Project funder:
Project collaborator(s):
Prof Fiona Steele
Prof Kelvyn Jones
Dr Sally Thomas
Project group:
Multilevel Modelling (CMM)
Professor Fiona Steele