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Improving Educational Evaluation and Quality in China (IEEQC)

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This is a ESRC/DfID funded research project led by Professor Sally Thomas and Dr Wen Jung Peng which started on 1st May 2008, in collaboration with China National Institute for Educational Research (CNIER), Beijing.

The study aim were to investigate the nature and extent of school effectiveness in China using innovative quantitative methodology (multilevel modelling) and the local application of innovative school evaluation methods to educational policy and practice in rural and urban secondary schools.

The research sought to provide new insights and extend current theories about (i) the impact of student characteristics, classroom, school and contextual factors on students attainment and progress at school, (ii) the relevance of these factors in the evaluation of school performance in China and (iii) how western approaches to evaluating educational quality have been adapted and developed to take account of local contexts and priorities. It aimed to provide quality in-depth data to enhance understanding of the complex nature of school effectiveness in China and how local context may play a key role in determining definitions of educational effectiveness and quality through two interrelated studies, and a systematic literature review, thereby addressing the lack of previous research on these topics.

Project dates
01 May 2008 - 31 Jan 2011

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Project director(s):
Professor Sally Thomas
Project funder:
Project collaborator(s):
Dr Wen Jung Peng (Bristol); Dr. Tian Huisheng
Mr Li
Mr Ma
Chunrong Ren
Wu Xiangrong
Zhang Chong (China National Institute for Educational Research
Project group:
China Educational Research Network (CERN)
Professor Sally Thomas