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Publication - Dr Matt Kedzierski

    On the Move, Globalising Higher Education in Europe and Beyond.


    Robertson, S & Kedzierski, M, 2016, ‘On the Move, Globalising Higher Education in Europe and Beyond.’. Language Learning Journal, vol 44., pp. 276-291


    This paper examines the rise and rise of a range of individual, institutional, national and regional mobility projects in the global higher education sector, and explores the implications of these dynamics for the economisation and thus instrumentalisation of English, as a global language, as a medium of instruction, and competitive advantage. Yet we also point to new counter-tendencies at play, including the rise of China as an education exporter, and promoter of Chinese soft-power through the Confucius Institutes. Along with changes in western labour markets that might well alter what has been to date a Eurocentric set of flows, this suggests this is a dynamic and changing landscape. We conclude by pointing to the tensions and contradictions in this changing higher education landscape and what this means for the wider cultural and civilisation projects that languages are constitutive of.

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