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Publication - Professor Leon Tikly

    The Future of Education for All as a Global Regime of Educational Governance


    Tikly, LP, 2017, ‘The Future of Education for All as a Global Regime of Educational Governance’. Comparative Education Review, vol 61., pp. 000


    The article critically considers the future of Education for All (EFA) understood as a global regime of educational governance. The article sets out an understanding of global governance, world order, power and legitimacy within which EFA is embedded. It explains what is meant by EFA as a regime of global governance and as part of a ‘regime complex’ along with other regimes concerned with different areas of economic and social development that impact on education and development. The article traces the genealogy of EFA focusing on the development of key tensions and contradictions since the late 1980s. Here the emphasis will be on understanding the effects of different kinds of power that are in turn linked to broader global interests within a changing world order. The article concludes by considering the future of EFA. It is suggested that EFA since the adoption of the Incheon declaration and Framework for Action is giving way to a new global regime of educational governance in which education and in particular learning is linked to sustainable development, albeit in contradictory ways.

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