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Publication - Dr Neil Ingram

    Variation and Evolution


    Ingram, N, 2011, ‘Variation and Evolution’. in: MJ Reiss (eds) Teaching Secondary Biology 2nd Edition. Association for Science Education


    This chapter provides support for the teaching on variation and evolution to students of 14-16 years. It is intended for newly-qualified science teachers, experienced teachers of biology or chemistry or physics teachers who have to teach biology, or a student training to be a teacher.

    The chapter covers:

    • Student’s likely Previous knowledge
    • A suggested Teaching sequence with activities necessary to cover basic biology
    • Advice about students’ misconceptions, common problems with individual activities, and safety issues
    • Further activities that develop the students’ understanding of the topic
    • Enhancement ideas that relate the science to everyday contexts and provide new ideas for experienced teachers
    • Suggestions for using ICT

    Full details in the University publications repository