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Professor Keri Facer

My primary focus at present is the relationship between universities and climate change. I am interested in all aspects of this question - from a reformist agenda to more radical revolutionary alternatives  - in order to examine what sorts of knowledge practices might be adequate for addressing the changed social, ecological, economic and cultural conditions of 2-4 degree global warming.

I am on secondment to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, as Zennstrom Chair in Climate Change Leadership from March 2019-October 2020.

I am interested in supervising PhD and Masters students in the following areas:

  • Educational Futures - in particular responses to environmental change
  • University futures - in particular the 'civic university' and changing university-public relationships to address change
  • Engaged and co-produced research - in particular critical reflections on these methods in terms of their implications for research quality and enabling wider social change
  • Learning Cities - I work with colleagues Helen Manchester and Magda Buchczyk to explore the learning practices in cities that may enable adaptation to rapid social and environmental change.
  • Digital Cultures - I am interested in the role of the digital as a potential impediment and resource in facilitating adaptive responses to environmental change

Research keywords

Educational Futures, Digital Cultures, Social Justice, Public Engagement, Connected Communities


  • Previous funders
  • collaborators and partners have included: the RSA
  • the BBC
  • Microsoft
  • Electronic Arts
  • AHRC
  • ESRC
  • TDA
  • Becta
  • QCA
  • the Co-operative College
  • Baltic Arts Centre

Learned societies &
professional bodies

  • Member: BAFTA
  • RSA
  • Association of Professional Futurists