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Publication - Professor Jennifer Rowsell

    How Emotional Do I Make It? Making a Stance in Multimodal Compositions


    Rowsell, JMK, 2019, ‘How Emotional Do I Make It? Making a Stance in Multimodal Compositions’. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.


    As literacy educators there is a pressing need to understand students’ pathways into composition and wed these pathways far more with more technical and academic notions of writing. In an effort to mediate between middle and high school students’ schooling and curricular demands with their everyday interests and investments in media and communicational systems, this article offers educators an alternative way of framing composition. Combining affect theory with Hannah Arendt’s writings on thinking and embodiment, I present a research study with teenagers who make stances in selfies, self-portraits, and written artist statements that are indicative of new rhetorical and compositional practices. Stance, as a construct in modern compositions, represents the ways that young people interface with ideas and experiences within the world that materialize in and animate their designs. Stance provides young people with a space to tell the stories they want to tell through media and mediums of their choosing.

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