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Publication - Dr Helen Manchester

    Design for Dementia Care: Making a difference.

    Design + Power. Nordic Design Conference proceedings.


    Jakob, A, Manchester, H & Treadaway, C, 2017, ‘Design for Dementia Care: Making a difference.: Design + Power. Nordic Design Conference proceedings. ’. in: Design + Power., Oslo


    The paper discusses the growing role of design in dementia care
    and its power to enhance the wellbeing of people living with
    dementia, their carers and caregivers. It refers to three examples
    of recent design research focusing on creating environments,
    objects and technologies to support appropriate person-centred
    stimulation and activities in dementia care.
    The projects use interdisciplinary co-design approaches and
    ethnographic methods to establish new knowledge and develop
    user-centred design solutions to improve care. The authors debate
    that engaging end-users in the design process not only empowers
    the designer; the collaborative approach enables in particular the
    carer / caregiver to reflect on their important task and to mobilise
    their creativity

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