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Publication - Dr Elena Hoicka

    One-Year-Olds Think Creatively, Just Like Their Parents


    Hoicka, E, Mowat, R, Kirkwood, J, Kerr, T, Carberry, M & den Berg, SB, 2016, ‘One-Year-Olds Think Creatively, Just Like Their Parents’. Child Development, vol 87., pp. 1099-1105


    Creativity is an essential human ability, allowing adaptation and survival. Twenty-three 1-year-olds and their parents were tested on divergent thinking (DT), a measure of creative potential counting how many ideas one can generate. Toddlers’ and parents’ DT was moderately to highly correlated. Toddlers showed a wide range of DT scores, which were reliable on re-testing. This is the first study to show children think divergently as early as 1 year. This research also suggests 1-year-olds’ DT is related to parents’, opening up future research into whether this relationship is due to genetics, and/or social learning at its emergence. Understanding DT at its emergence could allow for interventions while neurological development is most plastic, which could improve DT across the lifespan.

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