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Dr Angeline Mbogo Barrett


Dr Mbogo Barrett currently teaches 2 courses:



  • Supervisor for doctoral students.
  • Programme Coordinator, Education Leadership, Policy and Development M.Ed. Programme
  • Unit Coordinator, Development Perspectives on Education Quality,  M.Ed. unit
  • Unit Co-Coordinator, Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences, M.Sc. unit
  • Tutor, Introducing Educational Inquiry, research methods M.Ed. unit
  • Tutor, research methods workshops - Documentary Analysis and Cross-cultural research 


Development Perspectives on Education Quality - unit description

Throughout the world, national governments and development agencies are determined to universalise access to primary education at the same time as achieving improvements in quality.

The unit analyses the international policy agendas with respect to Education for All and internationally influential frameworks for conceptualising education quality.  Specific issues impacting on the implementation of initiatives to improve education quality are considered with special attention given to the needs of disadvantaged groups. 

Themes explored  include meeting diverse learner needs, teaching and learning styles for under-resourced contexts, teacher supply and education, leadership and management in decentralising systems and financing education expansion, including implications for post-compulsory education.

Participants are encouraged to explore key theoretical perspectives and apply these and their own professional experience to debates relating to policy and practice for education quality.