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Dr Angeline Mbogo Barrett


Angeline is Director of the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) and Director of Postgraduate Research in the School of Education.

She currently leads research on Language Supportive Teaching and Textbooks in Tanzania. Previous research includes the DFID-ERSC research  project Engaging Teachers in Peacebuilding in Post-conflict Context, the Education Quality in Low Income Countries (EdQual) Research Programme Consortium (2005-1020).  She has conducted consultancies on improving teacher quality in sub-Saharan Africa and indicators for the Education Sustianable Development Goal.

Her research on pedagogy and teacher professionalism in sub-Saharan Africa builds on her doctoral research (2001-2004) on primary school teachers’ professional identity in Tanzania and her experience as science and mathematics educator in East Africa and England.  

Angeline supervises doctorates in the areas of:

  • education and international development
  • education and sustainable devleopment
  • pedagogy for multilingual contexts
  • teacher professionalism, teacher professional development and teacher education
  • science education in under-resourced contexts