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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mrs Serra Agar None
Mr Ziyad Ali Education (PhD)
Miss Mariam Almohammad None
Mr Andres Anwandter Aguero Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Karen Arm Education (PhD) Tel. (0117) 3317468
Mr Yiu Au Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Carmen Au Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Gulzhan Azimbayeva Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Nizar Bagadood Education (PhD)
Mr Peter Bannister Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Joanne Barber Narrative and Life Story Research (EdD)
Mrs Pam Bennett Education (PhD)
Mrs Julie Betenson Education (PhD)
Miss Elvinia Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Shirley Ming Wai Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chu Fung Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Ken Chan None
Miss Yee May Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Cora Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Yik Man Andrew Marcus Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Yee Chong Charm Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Agnes Chau Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Yu Chen None
Ms Wing Shan Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Jeremy Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Catherine Cheng None
Ms Clara Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Charles Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Olive Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chor Kiu Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Ho-Yin Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Crystal Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Hastings Chim Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Kevin Choi Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Anthony Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Charlotte Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Joe Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Tim Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Pui Shan Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Pei-Wen Chu Education (PhD)
Ms Fanny Chung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chor Pan Indie Chung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Dorianne Coleiro Education (MPhil)
Mrs Mindy Colin Education (PhD)
Ms Liz Crow Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Miss Boning Du None
Mrs Anna Edwards Education (PhD)
Mrs Enas Elmansuri Education (PhD)
Ms Lin Fang TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Polly Fenn Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Katherine Forestier Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Clare Furlonger None
Mrs Yolanda Gana Galarce Education (PhD)
Ms Adele Gardner Education (PhD)
Mrs Charlotte Gladstone-Millar Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Gary Glasspool Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Ms Luci Gorell Barnes Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Lyndsay Grant Education (PhD)
Miss Aleksandra Gulasaryan Education (PhD)
Mr Lin Tat Ha Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Martin Hagan Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Natsuo Hashimoto Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Patricia Hehir Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Chung-Chi Gigi Ho Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Natalie Honein Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mr Tin Hui Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Jeffrey Hui Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Benedict Hung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Karen Iles None
Mr Onur Imren None
Mr Simon James Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Miss Gwyneth James TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Mr Timothy Kaiser Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Noreen Kamarudin Education (PhD)
Mr Matt Kedzierski Education (PhD)
Ms Donna Kemp None
Mr Michael Kenny Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Miss Candy Ki Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Young Kim TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Miss Yurim Kim Education (PhD)
Ms Jo Kirby Social and Cultural Theory (MSc)
Miss Catherine Kokkinaki Education (PhD)
Mr Raymond Kong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Annie Kung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Monica Kwok Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Francisca Kwok Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Brian Lai Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Michele Lai Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Yik Lai Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr David Lai Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Wing Lun Alan Lam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Caspar Landolt Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Miss Fung Lau Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Carrie Lau Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Miu Lau None
Ms On Pik Law Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Eva Lee None
Ms Mana Leung None
Ms Lai Sim Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Pik Leung None
Mr Wai Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Kar Leung None
Miss Fanny Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Ella Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Hy Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Po-Chun Li None
Mr Ka-Leung Li Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chi Ho Louis Li Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Kam Lung Eric Li None
Ms Ivy Liu Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Chara Lo Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mr Wai Kwok Long Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Hicran Maliyok Education (MPhil)
Ms Rachel Mapson Education (PhD)
Miss Karen Marsh Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Maureen Martin Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Carolina Mateluna Astorga TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Chisa Matsukawa Education (PhD)
Ms Masumi Matsumoto Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Diarmuid McAuliffe Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Carmel McEvoy None
Mr Kenneth Mok Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Ana Maria Moncada Arce Education (PhD)
Ms Dorothy Morrissey Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Faustina Msigwa Education (PhD)
Miss Lai Mui Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Pusa Nastase Education (PhD)
Mr Mauricio Nercellas Perez Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Nigel Newton Education (PhD)
Mr Lawrence Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Walter Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Judy Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Yuen Fong Julie Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Elizabeth Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Rittah Njeru Education (PhD)
Mr Marco o Avila TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Catherine O'Brien Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Joyce Ogunyemi None
Miss Abiodun Oyewole Education (PhD)
Ms Hiu Kwan Vanessa Pang None
Mr Arnold Pang None
Mr Chamnan Para TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms A Young Park Education (PhD)
Ms Rachel Payne Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Mcclain Percy None
Ms Mary Phipps Education (MPhil)
Ms Rebecca Pillinger Education (PhD) Tel. (0117) 3310614
Mr Franky Poon None
Mr Andrew Powles None
Ms Toni Price Education (PhD)
Ms Kate Prinsep Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Miss Bubukee Pyrsou Education (PhD)
Mr Hassan Qutub TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Mrs Marcela Ramos Education (PhD)
Miss Beata Raszkowska TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Adella Raymond Education (PhD)
Ms Jane Reece Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Angela Rickard Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mr Jack Rochon Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Ms Mary Ryan Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mrs Zaenab Saifuddin Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Sohaib Sandhu TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Miss Plaiphan Seupsook Education (PhD)
Ms Adeela Shafi None
Miss Marcia Shah Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Ms Rachel Shek Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Mabel Shek Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Lucy Simpson Education (PhD)
Mrs Katy Smart Education (PhD)
Miss Siu Ping Joanne So None
Ms Candy So Waiying Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Adriana Soni Garcia Education (MPhil)
Mr Tore Bernt Sorensen Education (PhD)
Ms Alison Standring TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Mrs Jayne Stansfield Education (MPhil)
Mr Damian Stoupe Education (PhD)
Mrs Peggy Styles Narrative and Life Story Research (EdD)
Mr Ammar Talib Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Nelson Tam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Barbara Tam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Helen Tan TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Renee Tan Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mr Barry Tang Education (PhD)
Mr Anupap Thupa-Ang Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Collin Tjitemisa None
Ms Elizabeth Trimby-Haworth Education (PhD)
Mr William Tsang Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs May Tse None
Miss Joanne Tso Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Philip Umpleby Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Miss Nathalie Vazquez Monter Education (PhD)
Miss Maria Viviani None
Ms Clare Walsh Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Lap Man Wan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Clifford Wan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Wan Wan Ali None
Ms Sharon Ward Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Deborah Watson Education (PhD) Tel. (0117) 331 0988
Mr Shamsideen Williams Education (PhD)
Ms Goya Wilson Vasquez Education (PhD)
Miss Helen Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Kamsuo Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Ruth Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Rachel Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Roger Wong None
Ms Dora Wong Ling Fung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Grace Woo None
Miss Martha Wright None
Miss Shang Wu Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Iris Wu None
Mr Tai Wut Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Xiaomei Yan Education (PhD) Tel. (0117) 331 4336
Mr Johnny Yao Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Wai Kong Yeung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr David Yip Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Katsuya Yokomoto TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Ms Anora Yu Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Lei Zhang Advanced Quantitative Methods (PhD)