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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mr Muhammad Asyraf Abdul Rahman Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Abdullah Aljuwaiber Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Sami Alsalmi Education (PhD)
Mrs Karen Arm Education (PhD) Tel. (0117) 3317468
Miss Carmen Au None
Mr Peter Bannister Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mrs Rachel Briggs Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Andrew Carr None
Ms Elizabeth Carruthers Education (PhD)
Ms Eunice Chung Yin Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Yiu Sing Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chu Fung Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD),Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Thomas Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Kannass Chan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Camilla Chandler-Mant None
Miss Yee Chong Charm Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Lingling Chen Education (MPhil)
Miss Catherine Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Charles Cheng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Nelson Cheng None
Miss Yvonne Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Yuk Sim Cheung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Olive Cheung None
Mr Tim Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Charlotte Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Anthony Chow Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Vivian Chu Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Hin Leung Chui Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Chor Pan Indie Chung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Dorianne Coleiro Education (PhD)
Mr Artemio Cortez Ochoa Education (PhD)
Ms Sian Ephgrave Education (PhD)
Ms Polly Fenn Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Danny Foster None
Mr Claudio Frites Camilla Education (PhD)
Mr Yiu Man Fung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Yolanda Gana Galarce Education (PhD)
Ms Adele Gardner Social Work (PhD)
Mr Lin Tat Ha Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Rachel Hardwidge Education (PhD)
Ms Chung-Chi Gigi Ho None
Mr Pritz Hutabarat Education (PhD)
Mr Jahari Jainal Education (PhD)
Mr Dini Jiang Education (PhD)
Ms Ka Wing Ki Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Eunjoo Kim Education (PhD)
Miss Wing Man Kong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Brian Lai Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Lai Chun Lam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Wing Lun Alan Lam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Dave Lam Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Tiffany Lau Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Hoi Ki Law None
Ms Mana Leung Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Hy Leung Leung None
Ms Sha Liu Education (PhD)
Miss Xiaowei Liu None
Mr Paul Lortal Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Faisal Mahmood Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Hicran Maliyok None
Mrs Jordan Maynard None
Ms Bonnie McGlynn Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Kenneth Mok None
Mr Adnan Mukhrib Education (PhD)
Miss Jane Nebe Education (PhD)
Mr Lawrence Ng Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Jemma Oeppen Hill Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mrs Caroline Ormesher Education (PhD)
Ms Mary Phipps Education (PhD)
Ms Tanyapon Phongphio Education (PhD)
Miss Amanda Ramsay Education (PhD)
Ms Angela Rickard Narrative Inquiry (EdD)
Mr Richard Sandford Education (PhD)
Dr Satpal Sandhu Advanced Quantitative Methods (PhD)
Miss Eileen Sepulveda Education (PhD)
Ms Alison Standring TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Mr Jamie Stark Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Damian Stoupe Education (PhD)
Mrs Diah Restu Susanti Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Ms Ririn Syahriani Learning, Leadership and Policy (EdD)
Mr Matthew Tse Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Karen Tse Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mrs Janat Tutesheva Education (PhD)
Mr Clifford Wan Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Kamsuo Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Kam Fung Grace Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Ruth Wong Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Ms Lai Ying Wu Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Dr Haoran Xie Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Mr Johnny Yao None
Mr Wai Kong Yeung None
Mr Katsuya Yokomoto TESOL Applied Linguistics (EdD)
Mr Tiantian Zhang Education (Hong Kong) (EdD)
Miss Hong Zheng Temporary Staffing Service