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Professor Leon Tikly


Leon's work on improving education quality in Sub-Sharan African (SSA) states has significantly has had a discernible impact on policy and practice relaitng to education quality partiucalrly in the areas of School leadership, and The medium of instruction and assessment. His research has impaced upon policy priorities, teacher practice and training and the capacity and agency of stakeholders throughout the region including the development of academic skills and new research programmes in Universities.

Research that Leon has led has also led to a fundamental improvement of policies and programmes in the English education system so that they make visible and take into account, the needs of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) learners at risk of underachieving. The studies have been used to shape progressive rounds of Government policy and programming including the implementation of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant and the Black Pupils Achievement Programme, informing and scaling-up good practice relating to school leadership and teaching in local authorities and schools throughout. They have also been used to increase levels of understanding amongst policymakers and the wider public about the barriers to achievement facing BME pupils and successful practice for overcoming those barriers.