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Dr Elizabeth McNess

  • Bristol Education Initiative: the narrative stories of vulnerable children
  • Supporting Learning in Transition from Primary to Secondary School
  • Home School Knowledge Exchange Project
  • National Culture, Educational Goals and Pupil Experience of Secondary Schooling: a comparative European study (ENCOMPASS)
  • Learners’ Expectation of Assessment Requirements Nationally (LEARN) Project
  • Survey of the use of Circle Time in Wiltshire Primary Schools 
  • Primary Assessment, Curriculum and Experience (PACE) Project
  • European Teachers and Policy Implementation (ETPI) Project
  • Economic Awareness in Teacher Education (EATE) Project

Research keywords

comparative policy analysis, pupils' perception of schooling, schools, teaching process, school organisation, improvement in education

Learned societies &
professional bodies

  • British Educational Research Association (BERA).
  • British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE).
  • Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE).