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Ms Vicky Coules


I come to the PhD from a twenty-year period of writing voice-over scripts, proposals and stories for science and natural history documentaries, and the PhD is part time as I am still involved in the media.

I have a diverse background, including my MA in ‘Art, Media and Design (Fine Art)’ from UWE, Bristol, which, although practice (painting) led, involved theoretical aspects of cultural studies, critical theory and history of art.

Prior to my media work, I took a PGCE in teaching maths with physics, then spent 12 years teaching maths to not-always-very-receptive teenagers. My first degree is a B.Sc. in Communications Engineering and I worked as an engineer before taking up teaching.

I am an author of published books, including popular science and local history, and I occasionally work as a storyboard artists and copy writer. I am still a practising artist and my artwork can be seen at



Department of History of Art (Historical Studies)

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