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Mr Thomas Smith

Mr Thomas Smith

Mr Thomas Smith


Area of research

Patterns, processes, rates, and constraints in the evolution of morphological disparity (Supervisor: Philip Donoghue)

Senate House,
Tyndall Avenue, Clifton BS8 1TH
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Research summary

Throughout Earth's history, life has taken a huge variety of forms; some simple, some complex. Despite this, there are still some morphologies for which we have no evidence for the existence of at any point in the history of life on Earth. The reason for this discontinuity in anatomical variation is an intensely-debated topic within the fields of evolutionary and developmental biology. Some suggest that the 'missing morphologies' are impossible, with realised body plans reflecting adaptive peaks in design. Others disagree, stating that the extinction of these missing forms is to blame, or that an insufficient amount of time ...

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MSci Marine Biology, University of Southampton, 2016. 

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