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Professor Stephen Sparks

Quantitative studies of geological processes

My research concerns quantitative studies of geological processes using a combination of field studies, laboratory experiments, analytical studies and theoretical modelling. My main focus has been on volcanic and igneous processes. and I have also made contributions in fundamental fluid mechanics, sedimentology, and risk assessment methodologies for natural hazards.

Research in volcanology includes: mapping of volcanoes and young volcanic deposits; monitoring of eruptions; investigation of magmatic and volcanic flows through analogue experiments, numerical modelling and theory development; petrological studies of igneous rocks; and development of novel approaches to hazard and risk assessment. Applied research includes risk assessment methodologies for environmental and natural hazards, nuclear waste disposal and mining.

Research keywords

  • geological processes
  • volcanic processes
  • volcanoes
  • igneous processes
  • natural hazards
  • volcanology
  • volcanic eruptions