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Ms Vicky Coules

Ms Vicky Coules

Ms Vicky Coules

Area of research

VISUALISING THE DINOSAUR: An investigation into how the popular representation of the dinosaur informs public understanding of science through the context of the evolution of dinosaur imagery. (Supervised by Dr Lucy Donkin in Department of History of Art; Professor Mike Benton in Department of Palaeontology).

Research summary

Images of dinosaurs have proliferated since their discovery in the 19th century and, more than any other science, palaeontology relies on the visual arts to portray its new discoveries. Dinosaurs are so popular that since the first dinosaurs were displayed, a tension is created between the needs of entertainment and scientific accuracy. This investigation begins to contextualise and understand the relationship between scientists, artists, commissioning processes and end users (be it fine art, publication, museum representation or film/TV dinosaurs) – to understand how the process of interpretation is perceived, and if and how it is distorted.


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I come to the PhD from a twenty-year period of writing proposals, stories and v/o scripts for natural history and science documentaries, and the PhD is part time as I am still involved in the media.

I have a diverse background, including my MA in ‘Art, Media and Design (Fine Art)’ from UWE, which, although practice (painting) led, involved theoretical aspects of cultural studies, critical theory and history of art.

Prior to my media work, I took a PGCE in teaching maths with physics, then spent 12 years teaching maths and physics to not-always-very-receptive teenagers. My first degree ...

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