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Dr Markus Pfeifer

Dr Markus Pfeifer

Dr Markus Pfeifer
MSc, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Area of research

Isotopic records of solar nebula evolution

Office G45
Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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Research summary

Cosmo- and Geochemistry

Origin and early evolution of the Solar System

  • Identification and isotopic investigation of presolar grains in meteorites
  • Refractory inclusions as time capsules of conditions and processes in the earliest Solar System
  • Nucleosynthetic anomalies in meteorites and their components
  • Irradiation effects in meteoritic components inherited from the nascent sun

Evaluation of isotope effects in heavy elements in Earth

Gypsum geochemistry as a potential tool for palaeo-environment reconstruction


Analytical expertise

Method development for laser ablation in-situ mass-independent isotope ratio measurements with the prototype collision cell MC-ICPMS "Proteus"

Development of high-precision protocols for isotope ratio measurements by implementing high-gain ...

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2018 – present: Senior research associate at the University of Bristol in the project “Isotopic records of solar nebula evolution”
2017: Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Cologne as part of the research centre “Earth – Evolution at the dry limit”
2017: PhD in mineralogy/petrology, University of Cologne
Thesis title: “The Tantalum isotope inventory of terrestrial and early solar system materials”
2013 – 2017: Research associate at University of Cologne
Dec. 2012: Degree as Diplom-Geologist, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Thesis title: “LA-ICP-MS analyses on authigenic gypsum of lacustrine environments in the Baza basin, SE Spain”
2010: Foreign Semester at University ...

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Recent publications

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