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Professor Laura Robinson

To document and understand the processes that govern climate

My research interests are to document and understand the processes that govern climate on time scales ranging from the modern day back through hundreds of thousands of years. To do this research I use geochemical techniques, with an emphasis on radioactive elements including uranium series isotopes and radiocarbon. These elements are particularly valuable as they have a wide range of decay rates and geochemical properties and can be analysed in geologic materials such as corals, marine sediments and seawater.

Through a combination of field work (see the cruise blog link for an example) and lab work (see lab website link) I have been tackling questions relating to:

  • Timing of Pleistocene climate change events
  • Palaeoclimate reconstructions
  • Deep-sea coral paleo-biogeography
  • Impact of weathering on the ocean and climate
  • Biomineralization
  • Development of new geochemical proxies for past climate conditions
  • Chemical tracers of ocean circulation

Deep sea coral from Drake Passage

NB Palmer

Ice berg in Southern Ocean

Research keywords

  • Low temperature geochemistry
  • uranium series nuclides
  • paleoceanography
  • chemcial weathering
  • ocean circulation
  • chemical oceanography.