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Dr Kenneth De Baets

Dr Kenneth De Baets

Dr Kenneth De Baets

Visiting Fellow

Area of research

Calibration of the evolutionary history of parasitic flatworms

Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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Parasitic flatworms are a very diverse group of invertebrates which parasitize various vertebrate groups. Many of them are of biomedically or economically importance, but their deep evolutionary history is poorly understood. Most hypotheses rely on indirect evidences assuming coevolution/codivergence with their hosts as their fossil record is poorly understood, very incomplete and patchy. My recent project want to combine all possible information from the fossil record and genetic sequences to study their evolution in deep time and compare it with evolutionary timescale of their vertebrate hosts.


  • macroevolution
  • coevolution
  • molecular phylogenetics
  • molecular clocks
  • biogeography
  • parasitic flatworms
  • vertebrates



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