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Professor Katharine Cashman

Physical and chemical processes that operate within volcanic systems

My research concerns the evolution of magma within the Earth’s crust and how its path to the surface triggers volcanic eruptions. I use a combination of field volcanology, igneous petrology, kinetics, microscopy and fluid dynamics to address the fundamental problem of how volcanoes work.  
My current focus is on mafic volcanism - from channel development in Hawaiian lava flows to volcanic ash formation in eruptions from Hawaiian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin American and Pacific Northwest (US) volcanoes. I continue, however, to pursue questions related to intermediate to silicic volcanism, particularly at Mount St. Helens, USA.

Research keywords

  • volcanoes
  • magma
  • field geology
  • igneous petrology
  • fluid dynamics
  • fragmentation
  • geomorphology