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Professor Juliet Biggs

Continental Tectonics and Volcanic Deformation

My research primarily uses Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) to understand the physics of the processes that deform the earth's surface. Recent developments in satellite geodesy are providing a new perspective on continental tectonics and volcanic processes through observations of aseismic processes such as interseismic strain accumulation, postseismic relaxation and magma intrusion.

These measurements can identify the mechanisms controlling continental deformation and quantify the constitutive laws controlling rheology. My current areas of interest are the East African Rift and the volcanoes of Central America and the Northern Andes. Practical applications of my work include seismic and volcano hazard assessment and geothermal resources.

Research keywords

  • magma intrusion
  • postseismic relaxation
  • aseismic processes
  • volcanoes