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Dr James Wookey

Dr James Wookey

Dr James Wookey
M.Phys.(Warw.), Ph.D.(Leeds)

Reader in Geophysics

Area of research


Office G12
Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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+44 (0) 117 954 5425


My research is in theoretical and observational seismology with an emphasis on seismic anisotropy. This property - the variation of seismic velocity with direction - can be used to infer dynamical and mineralogical properties in a variety of settings from hydrocarbon reservoirs to the whole mantle, and I work on problems at both ends of this scale.

My most recent research has emphasized linking seismic observations with predictions from experimental and computational mineral physics, applied to understanding the nature of the Earth’s lowermost mantle (see the CoMITAC website). This involves developing, implementing and applying both novel data analysis and forward-modelling techniques.


I am Reader in Geophysics at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, based in the Geophysics group. My research interests include global and exploration seismology, with an emphasis on seismic anisotropy and dense array data. I am also the School Research Director, and the School IT Representative.


Unit coordinator for Computing for Earth Scientists (EASC10007).

Lecturer for the Applied Geophysics content of Imaging and Mapping the Earth (EASC20034).

Fieldtrip leader for Environmental Geoscience Fieldwork (EASC30029)

Project supervisor for Environmental Geoscience Research Project (EASC30040)

Project supervisor for Earth Science Research Project (EASCM0010)


  • Seismology
  • Seismic anisotropy
  • The Earth's Mantle and Core
  • Mars

Recent publications

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Dr Wookey currently teaches 4 courses:

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