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Miss Jade Hatton

Miss Jade Hatton

Miss Jade Hatton

Research Associate

Area of research

Silicon Cycling in Glacial Environments: Tracing Si from Subglacial Weathering to Fjord Biogeochemical Cycling

Office IC 3.03
School of Earth Sciences,
Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road BS8 1RJ
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Research summary

I'm interested in biogeochemical cycles of glacial environments, with a focus on subglacial weathering processes and the export of key nutrients to downstream ecosystems.

I'm curretly using silicon isotope composition to:

  • Investigate subglacial weathering processes
  • Understand export of Si from subglacial environments
  • Assess differences between glacial and non-glacial environments

I'm also investigating fjord environments to:

  • Assess the impact of glacially-derived nutrients on wider biogeochemical cycles
  • Consider the consquences of Si with a distinct isotopic signature to the wider Si cycle 


Part of ERC and Royal Society funded projects:

ICY-LAB (Isotope Cycling in the Labrador sea):  ...

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BSc in Geography - University of Bristol

PhD in Geology - University of Bristol

  • "Silicon Cycling in Subglacial Environments: An Investigation into Glacial Silicon Isotope Systematics"
    • Silicon isotopes can aid our understanding of subglacial weathering processes
    • Subglacial environments export isotopically distinct Si
    • Potential implications for our understanding of the wider Si cycle

Post doctoral researcher working on:

  • ERC-funded ICY-LAB (Isotope Cycling in the Labrador Sea).
    • Silicon export from glacial environments?
    • Role of fjord environments in cycling nutrients?
    • Impact of glacially derived nutrients on wider biogeochemical cycle?
  • Royal Society- funded: Biogeochemical cycling in Greenlandic Fjords
    • Interannual changes in biogeochemistry of fjords?
    • Differences in ...

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Recent publications

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