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Dr Heather Buss


I am a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Biogeochemical Weathering. I joined the University of Bristol School of Earth Sciences in 2011 so I could work with undergraduate and postgraduate students, as a teacher, research collaborator, and as a mentor.  In my research, I seek to understand the fate of mineral nutrients as rocks undergo chemical and physical weathering and transform into soil. I am especially interested in how chemical, physical, and biological processes are interconnected. I use my research activity and interests to inform my teaching, which includes the following units: Soils and the Critical Zone, Geomicrobiology, Environmental Geoscience Field Skills (in Tenerife, Spain), and undgraduate research projects. 

In my previous position, I was a Research Geochemist with the US Geological Survey (USGS) in Menlo Park, California. In that position, I was the lead USGS scientist for a tropical Critical Zone Observatory in Puerto Rico. Prior to that, I completed a US National Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at the USGS after completing my PhD in Geosciences in 2006 at Penn State University with Professor Susan Brantley.