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Professor Daniela Schmidt


Professor Schmidt currently teaches 6 courses:


My courses combine understanding of climate and the ecosystems exposed to changes in climate. The micropalaeontolgy course covers the main groups of marine fossilsied plankton. Students will be introduced to state of the art literatures, challenges and questions. The practical sessions of both courses expose students to generation of environmental data based on marine sediments and their biota. In the Micropalaeontology course, these methods will be applied to major transitions in Earth history (e.g. initiation of Northern Hemisphere glaciation, Pliocene warmth, Paleocene-Eocene Boundary) aiming to introduce the students to uncertainties in reconstructing past climates and limitations of the methods.

During the Spain field course, I will introduce students to sequences of biotic and abiotic response to climate change in carbonates and clastic sediments. You will be mapping an area with igneous and sedimentary features and assess how they are interlinked. 

I am supervising final year projects in our degree streams with a focus of quantitative assessment, using the new methologies my group has established, of reactions of marine calcifiers to climate change. Examples from the last years are coralline algae in Marine Protected Areas, plasticity in response to climate change and evolutionary development and its link to the environment.