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Dr Daniel Driscoll


Current Projects:

Science: 1. Fossil completeness in Upper Cretaceous marine reptiles, Fossil completeness in thalattosuchians, Fossil completeness and extinctions in mid-Cretaceous marine reptiles. (University of Bristol) 2. First occurence of a new pycnodont fish (Upper Turonian) in Colorado. 3. Predation patterns in Cretaceous ammonites of the Pierre Shale (Early-Middle Campanian).

Fossil Preparation and Field Work

Medicine: General Pediatrics patient care specilaizing in indigent health, ADHD and Chronic medical problems. Clinical Teaching.


  • Driscoll, Dan, Tom Stubbs, Alexander Dunhill and Mike Benton. (2018). "The mosasaur fossil record through the lens of fossil completenes". Palaeontology (in press).
  • Driscoll, Daniel A., Jiri Jonas, and Ana Jonas. (1991). "High pressure 2H nuclear magnetic resonance study of the gel phases of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine." Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 58:97-104.
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  • Moore, J., Claud, D., Driscoll, D., Kaufman, C., & Rolson, A. (1992). Intravenous terbutaline control of severe pediatric asthma. Am Rev Resp Dis, 145(part 2), A740.

Education and Training:

Postdoctoral Research: University of Colorado School of Medicine-Subuniit Structure of Electron Transfer Flavoprotein

PhD Biochemistry:University of Illinois at Urbana-High Pressure NMR Studies of Model Membranes

Postgraduate training: University of Colorado School of Health Sciences- Denver Cheildren's Hospital-Internship and Residency, Pediatrics

Doctoral Research Associate: Computer Modelling of the Phase Problem in Protein Crystallography using the Rotation Function

MD: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

MSc with Distinction:University of Bristol-Fossil Completeness in Mosasaurs

BA Biological Sciences:California State University Fullerton-Development of Tunicates






School of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences staff