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Publication - Dr Christopher Duffin

    Leptolepid otoliths from the Hauterivian (Lower Cretaceous) Lower Weald Clay (southern England)


    Sutherland, JTF, Austen, PA, Duffin, CJ & Benton, MJ, 2017, ‘Leptolepid otoliths from the Hauterivian (Lower Cretaceous) Lower Weald Clay (southern England)’. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association.


    Teleostean saccular otoliths from the upper part of the late Hauterivian Lower Weald Clay Formation of the Wealden Supergroup exposed at Langhurstwood Quarry, West Sussex, UK, and Clockhouse Brickworks, Surrey, UK are described for the first time. Two new species of the genus Leptolepis, Leptolepid wealdensis and Leptolepis toyei are described.. Many of the specimens are densely packed on individual bedding planes and they are interpreted as coprocoenotic accumulations. Additional mechanisms of deposition and concentration are discussed, in particular wave action. Ontogenetic series show isometric growth of the otoliths, and some specimens show growth rings on two orders of magnitude.

    Full details in the University publications repository