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Dr Byron Adams

Dynamic interactions between climate, tectonics, and surface processes

Through my investigations into the interactions between tectonics, climate, and surface processes, I have developed an extensive toolset that includes the analysis of topographic and compositional signatures from remotely-sensed data, field based exploration, and geochronology and thermochronology techniques. By combining these primary data sources with numerical thermal-kinematic and landscape evolution models, I constrain spatial and temporal patterns landscape adjustment to an ever-changing set of tectonic and climate boundary conditions. My research has demonstrated that the fluvial and topographic dynamics of even the largest orogens are extremely sensitive to subtle changes in rock uplift and climate parameters. This illustrates that a holistic approach to large orogenic systems, from the underlying faults, to the surface soils, is needed to appreciate the rich history and interlinkage between the underlying geology and the surface evolution of the system.

Research keywords

  • geomorphology
  • geochronology
  • thermochronology
  • landscape evolution
  • glacial erosion
  • cosmogenic nuclides
  • fluvial incision