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Dr Byron Adams


I received a BS in geology from Ball State University (USA) in 2005. From there, I began a MS project at the University of Cincinnati (USA), which took me to India to study the erosion rates of the Himalaya. In 2007, I finished my MS in geology and moved to Arizona. While at Arizona State University, I focused on the long- and short-term tectonic and topographic evolution of the Bhutan Himalaya. After completing my PhD in geology, I moved to Germany to begin a postdoctoral position at the University of Tübingen. Interestingly, this new post would provide me the first opportunity to study in depth the mountains of the USA. I have spent the past few years investigating how alpine glaciers have changed erosion rates and topography over the past several million years in the Olympic Mountains, and how the instabilities they left behind in landscapes are still influencing erosion rates today.

I joined the School of Earth Sciences at Bristol in 2017 as part of NERC Global Challenges Research Fund project. As a member of the BRACE team (Building Bhutanese Resilience Against Cataclysmic Events), I am currently assessing the hazards associated with earthquake triggered landslides.