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Dr Antony Butcher


I'm a research fellow funded by the British Geological Survey to collaborate on a range of geophysical projects. My PhD titled ' Microseismology: Characteristics, Magnitudes and Shallow Crustal Effects' was completed at the start of 2018, and was funded by BUMPS (Bristol University Microseismics ProjectS). 

Prior to returning to university I spent 10 years working in near-surface geophysics, with 4 years spent mapping ordnance for the Ministry of Defence and 6 years in engineering geophysics surveys at TerraDat, Cardiff. I received Chartered Scientist status in 2012, and am a committee member in the Near Surface Geophysics Group both through the Geological Society of London.

I completed a MSc in Exploration Geophysics in 2004, and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with Management, both at the University of Leeds.