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Dr Anders McCarthy

Dr Anders McCarthy

Dr Anders McCarthy

Research Fellow

Area of research

Igneous Petrology, crustal growth processes and linking plutonic and volcanic processes

Office L121
Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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Research summary

I combine field work, petrology, geochemistry and experimental petrology to constrain crustal growth processes in both oceanic and arc settings.  I am interested in both the generation of magma, magma migration and melt evolution in the mantle and crust as well as linking shallow plutons with subvolcanic conduits and erupted volcanic products. I also have a keen interest in rifting processes leading to the formation of (ultra)slow spreading systems and ocean-continent transition zones (OCTs), particulariy the formation and composition of exhumed mantle rocks in OCTs.

Current research interests

1) The formation of melt extraction pathways in shallow arc crust ...

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I received my Masters in Geology at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland in 2011. My Masters project was focused on combining field mapping, igneous and metamorphic petrology and isotope geochemistry to constrain the formation of the Ocean-Continent Transition Zones (OCTs) in the Swiss-Italian Alps. I then started a PhD in igneous petrology at the UNIL. My reseach topic centered around the formation of a unique types of igneous layering known as comb layers and orbicules, which are well exposed along the entire Sierra Nevada, California. This project centered around linking plutonic and volcanic processes, and constraining pathways for the ...

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Recent publications

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