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Miss Amy Waterson

Miss Amy Waterson

Miss Amy Waterson

Research Associate

Area of research

Local and global effects of long-term environmental change: A turtle's eye view (Supervisors: Dr. Daniela Schmidt, Prof. Paul Valdes and Dr. Paul Barrett)

Wills Memorial Building,
Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1RJ
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Research summary

My PhD research focuses on the long-term response of biota to global environmental change. I am interested in how the exploration of past biological diversity can inform and improve understanding of future biodiversity dynamics under changing global climate conditions.

My research aims to provide a palaeo-time perspective on the potential links between climate and chelonian (turtle, tortoise and terrapin) diversity and distribution. Chelonians are an immensely successful group of vertebrates that have endured for over 220 million years. They have persisted through numerous major environmental perturbations, including the formation of global hothouse conditions in the Late Cretaceous and Eocene ...

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2008-2012: BSc (Hons) Ecological and Environmental Science (University of Edinburgh and Uppsala University, Sweden)

2013 -present: PhD Geology (University of Bristol)

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