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Dr Joseph Stewart


2015 – 2017    Postdoctoral Researcher – National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA

  • Development of boron isotope pH-proxy in marine carbonates and application to NIST Environmental Specimen Bank samples
  • Production, bottling, and value certification of two new dissolved carbonate boron-isotope/trace-metal reference materials: NIST RM 8301c and NIST RM 8301f

2012 – 2015   Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Univ. of Southampton (NOCS), UK

  • The influence of seawater pH on the boron isotopic composition of deep sea corals
  • Advisor Prof Gavin Foster

2008 – 2012   PhD Geochemistry/Palaeoceanography – Univ. of Southampton (NOCS), UK  

  • Investigation into the effect of silicate weathering on climate across the Oligo-Miocene boundary
  • Supervisors Prof Rachael James and Prof Paul Wilson

2003 – 2007   MESc Earth Sciences (Geology) – Oxford University



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