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Mr Hong Chin Ng

Mr Hong Chin Ng

Mr Hong Chin Ng

Research Associate in Isotope Biogeochemistry

Area of research

Circulation History of the Tropical Atlantic: links to global climate

Office G43
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The climate system experienced a particularly dynamic period during the last deglaciation (20-10 thousand years before present). It was characterized by abrupt, millennial-scale climate events and substantial, opposing shifts in atmospheric CO2 and ∆14C. The leading hypotheses to explain these transient temperature and carbon signals rely on changes in the rate of Atlantic ocean circulation and deep-ocean carbon storage. The major aim of my PhD project is to investigate these open questions by examining the rate proxies (231Pa/230Th ratio, benthic foraminiferal ∆14C, sortable silt mean grain size) in the sediment record in tropical Atlantic, where the major Atlantic water masses are present.


Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th ratio requires accurate analyses of U, Th and Pa isotopes, which is done with clean chemical separation of the isotopes using ion chromatography and accurate measurement of isotope ratios using Multicollector-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (MC-ICPMS). I spent significant efforts in developing Pa/Th method using MC-ICPMS Neptune 2 and clean lab facilities of the Bristol Isotope Group (BIG), which is currently one of the few labs in the world that are capable of Pa/Th analysis.


I was actively involved in a research cruise to the tropical Atlantic in October 2013 (JC094), in which most of my sediment samples were collected. Planktic foraminiferal δ18O and ∆14C analyses are employed to construct age models for the long sediment cores. I am also making use of the collected core top sediment and seawater samples to examine the sedimentary Pa/Th dynamics and evaluate its use as a circulation rate proxy.



2009-2012 Bachelor of Science Environmental Geoscience, University of Bristol.


  • Paleoceanography Ocean circulation Geochemical tracers



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