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Mr Philip Sellen


My principle role is to deliver teaching in areas of the undergraduate curriculum with academic, senior academic and clinical academic staff for a number of Divisions within the Department.

As a Teaching Associate, I teach dental undergraduates clinical and technical procedures and techniques to ensure students acquire suitable transferable skills and knowledge, which will enable them to design, prescribe, adjust and manipulate dental restorations and prostheses. The students’ primary knowledge from their pre-clinical years is drawn on to develop dexterity, to diagnose and prescribe for patient treatment. Through a range of assessments students are tested on theoretical and practical knowledge and competence. Teaching is delivered principally for the Division of Restorative Dentistry, encompassing Prosthetics, Conservation and Periodontology, but also for other Divisions and areas within the Department. This includes the Division of Child Dental Health and United Bristol Healthcare Trust (UBHT) nursing staff.