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The Clinical Trials Unit is led by Professor Nicola West.

The Clinical Trials Unit is in the international arena of research with regards to toothwear (erosion, attrition, abrasion and abfraction), tooth bleaching, tooth staining, dentine hypersensitivity, prevention of plaque and gingivitis and treatment of diseases of the periodontium.

The studies are performed both within the Clinical Trials Unit at the Bristol Dental School in dedicated laboratories and clinical environments, and in General Dental Practice in the UK.

Studies are often initially conducted in vitro before moving into in situ and in vivo models to determine efficacy.

The research group has developed an ethically approved in situ model using human teeth to assess, in particular, the erosive properties of acidic soft drinks, the abrasive and erosive effects of oral healthcare products and their synergistic effect with each other, in order to help manage clinical toothwear which is the fourth most common condition in dentistry after caries, periodontal disease and trauma.

Further these models allow occlusion of dentine tubules to be assessed in order to reduce the pain of dentine hypersensitivity experienced by at least 15% of the population worldwide.

Other areas of active research involve studies into bioglasses, dental implants, bone regenerative materials and pain reduction when performing oral local anaesthesia.

The majority of the research is supported by international industrial funding from the UK, Europe, Switzerland and the US as well as external grants such as EU monies.

Further information

  • Prof West is the Regional Postgraduate Tutor for the South West of England for the British Society of Periodontology. A course of lectures are held throughout the year on a wide range of subjects in the field of periodontology and associated areas of interest.
  • Participants are always welcome to take part in the clinical trials undertaken at the Bristol Dental School. Please contact Emma Macdonald in the Clinical Trials Unit.

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