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Biomaterials Engineering (bioMEG)

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The Biomaterials Engineering (bioMEG) group is led by Professor Bo Su.


The Biomaterials Engineering group (bioMEG) works in the area of materials processing and surface engineering for biomedical applications. Our focus is on both basic research in scientific understanding of materials fabrication and applied research in materials solutions for clinical needs. Our current research activities are mainly in two areas: (1) cell-instructive surfaces and materials. We explore physical cues i.e. surface topography and mechanical stiffness to modulate cells and bacteria to develop smart implants and tissue engineering scaffolds; (2) biomimetic and bio-inspired materials. We explore a top-down approach to develop biomimetic materials with controlled hierarchical structures for dental and orthopaedic applications.

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Postgraduate Study

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the Biomaterials Engineering group can offer supervision to postgraduate researchers. For more information, please see the Postgraduate Study website and contact Professor Bo Su.